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Include your articles image in the <enclosure> element of the standard Joomla rss/atom feed and repair some flaws in it on the fly.

Some rss/atom feed readers use the <enclosure> element to display a thumbnail of the feed. The Adjustfeed plugin adds the <enclosure> element and inserts the first image it can find in the article that is feeded. This can have the side effect that both the <enclosure> as well the image in the article is displayed (twice). Therefore there is an option to remove the first image from the feed and only include it in the <enclosure>.

Unfortunately Joomla! still did not repair an anoying bug: when displaying only the article intro the Read more... link generated does not work. This is fixed. 

Please read the instructions below before posting a question on the Forum.

After installing the plugin, do not forget to Publish it!



Once you installed and activated(!) the plugin you can use it in two ways.

The Action parameter set in the Plugin screen will be the default. You can overrule the parameter by adding &action=N to the feeds url.

Typically you might want to repair the Read more... bug for all feeds but only want to add the <enclosure> for some specific feeds. In that case:

For webmasters using the Dutch PKN App, leave the Action parameter in the Plugin screen empty and add &action=7 to the url you use in the PKN App Portal.